Prodigal 2010 ATL

The Ramblers Tales show returns to Atlanta at the PSPACC. Last year the show was held at the same location to a packed energetic house. This year, the aim is to re-capture and surpass the energy and intensity of last years show. The show will have an international cast of Stand-Up Comedians, Actors and Performers from the Caribbean, US and UK.

It will again feature Stand-Up Comedy, Extempo-Calypso, Skits, Steel Pan and Live Performances. The performers are all creative masters who have won awards and accolades in the entertainment world. This will be the ultimate evening in the expression of Caribbean humor and Atlanta should again be proud to host it. Atlanta will taste the flavor and range of expressive Caribbean humor in a new style, which will vary from youthful playfulness to mature curiosity. Come join us for the filming of the show while enjoying a highly entertaining evening.


There will be two seating areas, VIP and Standard

Seats are unassigned in both areas.

Tickets Types:

VIP - Preferredl Seating + Food Pack + Meet & Greet

Standard - Soft Comfortable seating

There will be a Post-Show Mixer at the Theatre

On Camera Interviews:

We would like some On-Camera interviews and feedback on the night of the show; tell us what you think and/or like about the evening.


Parking is FREE

Ride share may be a good option; enjoy the overall experience as a group.


Choices are:

1) Caribbean Style Jerk Wings

2) Fried Bakes & Saltfish Buljug ( Salfish + Avacado + Akee) We will supply breath mints; so enjoy your eats

3) Corn Soup (for vegetarians)

Specially ordered Stouffer Cookies will be supplied with some dishes.


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